About Us


Hotel Hope Ministries is a fully registered South African non-profit organisation established with aim of ensuring that each and every child is brought up in a safe, happy and healthy home so that they can grow up and develop into responsible and positive adults. Although children are our main focus, we have a holistic approach to the problem of orphaned and abandoned children. We realise that we need to focus on the cause of the problem too and not only the symptoms. So we have projects to focus on assisting Mothers and Fathers, so that they can look after themselves and their children.


We group our projects under three focus areas:


Creating and supporting several small family style foster homes for orphaned and abandoned babies.



Providing young mothers facing unplanned pregnancies with counselling, guidance and practical support.



Helping Mothers and Fathers to help themselves by providing jobs and skill development opportunities through our fundraising and trading projects.


As a fully registered South African charity we are registered with the following authorities:

·         Section 21 company without share capital - 2010/006792/08

·         Non-Profit Organization (NPO) number – 084 289

·         Public Benefit Organization (PBO) number – 930 034 387


Mission statement: 

To engage the local Church Worldwide to embrace its God given responsibility of taking care of destitute mothers and orphaned and abandoned children.


Vision statement:

To see a full service (either ourselves or in partner with others) covering:

  • Children’s homes
  • Adoption advocacy
  • Mothers in crisis
  • Counseling centres
  • Training Academy
  • Charity shops / trading

Our fundraising model:

We have a unique funding model in place where we are able to generate funds to cover 100% of our administrative costs through our Charity Shop(s) as well as the output of our carpentry workshop and sewing workshop. We are extremely committed to Social enterprise as it creates employment in South Africa, funds for the Charity, volunteering opportunities as well as a low-priced outlet for customers from low-income groups. Furthermore we can assure donors that 100% of their support will directly benefit the children in our care as well as mothers in crisis-pregnancy situations. 

Thank you to our donors and corporate sponsors:

As an organisation we are incredibly blessed to have many active supporters, individuals and corporates, who make it possible for us to do what we do and to make a difference. People often comment that it must be difficult to work in our environment hearing sad stories all the time, and it is sometimes hard, but it is also so rewarding to see those stories turning into stories of hope and it is so inspiring and such a privilidge to witness people, like our supporters, coming forward to help and to give so generously. There are amazing people out there in the world, click here to see who some of them are and how they have made a difference… Click here